Saturday, July 4, 2015

Just testing this old blog

Like I said just a test.

I delivered.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Communication one, two, one, two!

What do you answer a baby girl aged 5 when she asks you what are you doing in the bathroom? You answer to her level by saying "#2 baby"

That was easy, what follows is the real question. “Why are you doing a #2?"

I personally replied: " Because baby" which got me no where, so I studied this awkward situation and thought about relating my #2 with whatever we both relate to, Donuts!

“Because I ate donuts baby" Bull’s-eye! She left me alone in my private peace sanctuary. But I guess the new Krispy Creme joint will not appreciate my choice of words and being associated with my #2.

Its communication at its best.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

feel good recipes

This is a several part idea of how to make your day a cool, feel good day. The methods I use are not new to many, yet some people drowning in their misery and negative vibes might feel this information valuable.

My first way of making sure I get a good start to the day is with my perfume/cologne or aftershave as some may prefer.

Now there are a lot of brands and smells out there that anyone can find his ultimate desire. Taking you from the champ elyses of Paris to the Monto Napelioni of Milan and as far as the Jamaican islands. Scents are very important to the human being one of the vital 5 senses we all enjoy.

Back to my point, first the pointers on Perfumery for all sexes;

1- Never wear a night time perfume that you love to death and bascically swim in it, during day time.
2- Avoid scents that continue to have the same strong scent for ever.
3- Avoid scents that only you, yourself, enjoy as no one ever commented positivley on it.
4- Never mix scents thinking you are Yves Saint Laurant.
5- Get the good stuff never imitation or unknown brands.
6- Always take a shower before switching scents.
7- Get to know what works with your skin type.

Here are my choices for that great start of a day;

#1 FRESH by Dunhill
#2 Black XS Paco Rabanne
#3 CK 1 by Calvin Clein

For the night that's for another coloumn. Guys give the above a try and tell me how you feel that morning ;-)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Where did all the good girls go?

So it has been said over the years that men and boys are the scum of the earth. Over 10 or 15 years ago my uncle who I don't actualy take guidance from shared some meanigful insight with me. He said the time of the man has gone, it is now the time of ladies to prosper and take the reigns of power.

Elaborating he said the time will come when girls will be the hunters and they too will be dumping the guys. Please remember this talk took place in Saudi Arabia, a very closed environment only known to dwellers in society.

When I look around now, I see a new formation of society being formed. One that does not care about what people think, its what I want and only that. If I am wrong I want to prove it my way, even if t has to be marriage!

Now here is the irony, the girls get married for the wrong reasons, the guys will get married when they have had their fun and have a stable job and feel secure enough to make a family.

So the girl gets married, they kinda fall in love, soon problems start rising, a bit of financial problems, WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MAM! I want a divorce she screams, he fights it a bit, then the family comes running, then they do what their daughter wants and they get a divorce.

After divorce, she is basically free. She roams and rolls the country and party scene like no other, he does the same but this time with no good intentions like marriage.

Now back to the subject, where did the all good girls go?

The married lady today wants to compete with the teenager who has more options and society is more forgiving to her because she is young! So the married lady starts going out every day, meeting new freinds in all age groups all the way down to 17, even though she is appraoching 40!

She does not know what she wants? does she want her children from her husband or does she want freedom? eventually the husband comes around to his rightful thinking and divorces the bitch( excuse my french).

She wonders off into the wilderness armed with several years of marriage and children, she only needs that. What she did not think of is the wonderful things a normal man would look for in any woman, simply going back to basics;

1- Loving tender arms when he arrives and a good time with his soul mate.
2- Caring for his problems so he too can care for you.
3- Sincere feelings with no hidden agendas, because he too can find out what's beneath the hugs, kisses, and sudden sex drive.
4- He is a goldmine for his family, be his family and don't be a visitor.
5- Get dressed and glamorous for him just like when you go to your midnight parties.
6- Ask him for a night out, be the change you want to see in him, men like that, they are actually suckers for that!
7- Love him to death, for sure he will try and beat you in that attempt!

I am not a marriage councelor, yet a fine example of a marriage going south, and one that has been married twice. Problems could be all mine, I am sure to find some that belong to my other half as they put it!

Ladies, get back to reality, get back to the simple things in life. Here is my bet to you, when was the last time you gave flowers as a gift and saw her eys light up? get my point.

Evn if I decided to get married again, would I want her from my country? the world is closer than you think. choices for the businessman are more than the lonesome, homesome, person that never leaves his hometown. When I travel the world, I never stop wondering when I see great women full of life and energy, what would it marriage be like with her?

why I worte this? It's because I see allot of guys falling like flies to girls who wanna take em for a ride! enjoy the ride.

"He hit me and cried, made it to the teacher and told on me"

Would it not be amazing to catch all these blood suckers that imitate for a living? that wait for you to start and thrive then pounce on you with cheaper useless imitations.

The real irony is why do they copy? could it be real that these souls have no imagination? no idea what to do in life? no kind of thinking hats? ok let's say that's true, then how about that other thing in business called "profits"?

So if someone copies your idea,program,watch,car,business..etc. for the sake of making it in china or elsewhere but cheaper, how does he know what kind of profits you are making, if you are making anything at all.

Did these poor blood suckers think that was all there was to it? what about the sink in years of the idea, what about breakeven, what about marketing, what about customer base, what about segmentation, what about human capital,creativity,change...the list goes on an on.

All that being said, I could never quite get these rascals? they just sit tere like hyenas, actually sick hyenas and wait for you to turn your back and go for it!

I am honestly trying to figure out how to make them pay double by finding a kind of net to catch them all in one big net and make a nice bbq with their pirate invested money, maybe give it to charity, a fake charity, one that runs away with their money and never comes back. Then all they can do is make up a story for the papers, so society will feel sorry for the suckers.

We have a sying in the arab world; " He hit me and cried, he beat me to the teacher and told on me"

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Inflation confusion in the Arab World

If you ever wanted to know what a financial shock treatment in your life is, get through an inflation period while barely hanging on.

The irony of the matter is those ininflationary times, which one of its indicators is surplus money here and there, and not so much there. It is times like these that start you thinking
” maybe I should have taken that lousy boring economic class after all!”

You read in the papers that commodity prices are sky high, gas prices all over the world are soaring like an eagle, and real estate prices in one part of the world are rising 30-50% per annum and vice versa in other parts. You ask the barber about inflation and from what he gathers; it’s a sign of the times.

Lets take Saudi Arabia and the Gulf area as an example only because I live there, you take your normal way to your friends house which is off a famous street in Jeddah and all you see are phantoms, ferrari’s, lambo’s, mercedes benzes and bimmers are like flies. You think to yourself, how could this be? And people are complaining about the price of rice and bread? Well many answers to that question;

1- We are changing in the Middle East in the financial markets drastically over the last five years. It is a positive economic movement sparked by the new financial laws that actually are saving the banks monies by placing many a rigid credit and credibility screening across the kingdom. To name a good example, SAMA, this is like your credit history in the states.

2- The split banking infrastucture of conventional & Islamic banking products that enable everyone, regardless of how religious he or she is to get a car loan, ridiculousley over priced house loan, or money to reinvest.

3- Collection agencies are more powerful than before.

4- Competition amongst Saudi Banks and the rollout of older wiser international financial institutions coming to share the corporate lending pie. Ofcourse that being said, the local banks are now trying harder than ever to attract residents at the retail level for their more cut throat lending rates.

5- New leasing programs make it easier than ever to drive your dream car, or close to dream car based upon your budget and maximum lending stretch.

6- The fact that more corporations are expanding through IPOs and easier than ever laons from banks, employment which still has its negatives, is at a thriving level as the fight for quality and sometimes rubbish talent continues between companies. Please do not forget that it is almost impossible to get foreign aid due to saudi-I-zation of jobs at all levels, even the ones they suck at!
7- Last but not least the picture is not so rosy on the macro level however on a micro level it seems to balance out, especially in advanced cities like the 3 major cities; Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar.

You see, people will always buy new cars, buy clothes, new perfumes and accessories all in the name of important to have. They tend to fudge it not budget. They tend to fall for the massive marketing campaigns of " buy this car for $10 a month" forgetting how many months.

People will always look at what if scenarios, if I delay payment of this and that i can get that. They will always forget the small stuff till they shop for home or eat out.

Here they will fret over spilt milk, why has my bowl of rice increased a dollar? and why is my shopping cart bill increasing every month? then they compain and whine for a few weeks, but when payday comes and its time to make up my mind on that new BMW that is only a 100 times out of my league, but hey! there is that smart invention called leasing!

Sign me up will ya, you only live once. So yes you will see many, many luxomania mobiles driving around town, ask the driver for the car registration and you will know what I'm talking about. I guess that's why police men know the rich from the wanna-be's.

My insight is that of an individual consumer and proffesional business & financial investor, maybe that’s what’s causing my confusion?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The SECRET reversed

Everybody these days has an idea about the famous book & DVD "The Secret". What people don't actually mind thinking about is the negative side effects the secret can have on someone.

Let's say the critical insight in the secret is to start the law of attraction in your favour. So if you want something really bad, you think about it day and night and things fall into place, thus enabling you to get what you want.

On the other hand, if you don't want something bad to happen to you and continue thinking about that one thing most of your waking hours, sometimes also in your sleep, you get what you don't want. How? well due to your focus on that one thing you are creating a force in your subconcious level so strong it is acting like a magnet, you being the magnet and the thing you don't want being the peice of metal.

On a recent occasion me and one of my close freinds took a long trip together. Through my observations on this close freind, i found him to be waiting for bad things to happen. Well to give you a simple example, when we approach the customs desk, he seemed to jump from one to the other, each time finding as he approaches it fills up with people! this he is working on.

On another occasion, we reached our destination, waiting for our luggage( I had 2 pcs. he had one) his did not arrive! he panicked and started cussing, getting angry and so forth. He had major problems on the way back to the city, one that caused us 2 hours delays at the airport, a continuation of his previous experience which he did not let out of system.

Why? because he is always looking at the worst that can happen, as murphy puts it, it will all happen, and then some more.

On my side, i tend to be a happy go lucky individual, what will happen will happen, enjoy the ride! Good things are in store for you.